MLCD is an acronym (short-form) for ‘Medical Law Cases – For Doctors,’ a monthly law reporter for the healthcare providers.

It updates them regularly on the changes in medical laws and also guides them on the precautions that need to be taken to avoid legal issues. The ‘Suggestions Precautions’ featured in this journal comprise of simple ‘Do’s & Don’ts’ that are pragmatic, relevant, and applicable in their day-to-day practice.

We believe that ‘Prevention is better than cure.’

A law reporter by definition publishes full text of judgments with short headnotes. It keeps the lawyers updated on the changes in law (precedents).

MLCD also reports the full text of judgments but instead of having headnotes, every judgment has an ‘Abstract and Advice’ which is written in simple, non-legal language. Furthermore, only those judgments that are relevant and important from the perspective of healthcare providers are published.

There is ‘no other’ law reporter in the world for doctors. Although there are journals and books on medical malpractice, medical negligence and medico-legal issues, the way MLCD utilizes the learnings from the judgments delivered by courts to mitigate medical negligence is unique.

After reading and understanding, ‘Suggested Precautions’ (in Abstract and Advice), one should try to apply the learnings in his/her day-to-day practice. Shortcomings, if any, in personal practice, and/or systems and processes in clinics, hospitals, or personnel should be addressed promptly and appropriately.

Every ‘Suggested Precautions’ in the ‘Abstract and Advice’ is tagged with the relevant portions of the judgment and the same should be referred to in case of doubts or for further clarity.

Important and relevant ‘Suggested Precautions’ should be reviewed every few months.

All those who are providing healthcare services should subscribe. This includes doctors, hospital administrators, medical colleges, medical students, owners of healthcare facilities and so on.

A group of lawyers and legal professionals specializing in medical laws, doctors, hospital administrators, and medico legal experts comprise the editorial team.

Institute of Medicine & Law is the owner and publisher of MLCD.

Yes. MLCD is available in both print and digital format.

MLCD can be subscribed by individuals as well as institutions on www.mlcd.in. Institutions can also subscribe offline by sending a subscription request to the Institute of Medicine & Law.

Individual as well as Institutional subscribers can subscribe / pay online. Institutional subscribers have the additional facility to pay offline by cheque or draft drawn in favour of ‘Institute of Medicine & Law’ payable at Mumbai.

No. Shipping charges are included in the subscription fee.

12 monthly issues. Supplementary issues, if published, will be charged separately.

Yes, a single issue is also available for both print and online.

For print subscription, the issue of the following month of subscribing will be shipped.

For online subscription, the current month issue will be available online for a period of 30 days from the date of subscription.

Print annual subscribers: Subscription starts from the following month of subscription. Thereafter, the next 11 issues will be shipped every month.

Online annual subscribers: Subscription starts from the month of subscription. Thereafter the next 11 issues will be available online every month. The subscription will be valid for a period of 365 days inclusive of the date of subscription.

Print single-issue subscribers: The following month issue will be shipped.

Online single-issue subscribers: The current month issue will be available online for a period of 30 days inclusive of the date of subscription.

Institutional subscribers: Print subscription starts from the following month of subscription. Online subscription starts from the month of subscription and will be valid for a period of 365 days inclusive of the date of subscription. Institutions have an additional option to subscribe from January to December for the current year for both print and online.

Claim for a missing or damage issue can be made simply by sending an email to subscriber@mlcd.in within 2 months from the date of publication of that particular issue.

One login is permitted with every online subscription.

Online subscription does not authorize downloading or copying of the content.

Institutional subscription is generally for multiple users and not for an individual and is therefore slightly expensive. This is a norm in international publishing.

Institutions can request for a free sample copy of the journal by sending a request to subscriber@mlcd.in. This offer is not available to individuals.

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  • Publishes ‘real time judgments’ on medical negligence from higher courts
  • Every judgment is further summarized in simple, non-legal language
  • Comprehensively guides a doctor on avoiding MedLegal issues
  • Suggests practically useful ‘Do’s & Don’ts’ in day-to-day practice
  • Cases selected / analyzed solely from a doctor’s viewpoint
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