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Medical Law Cases - For Doctors (MLCD)

Medical Law Cases - For Doctors (MLCD), by definition, is a law reporter. But it reports important cases and analyzes them exclusively from a doctor’s perspective. It contains full texts of important judgements collected from all the higher courts in India. Most importantly, drawing inferences from the reported judgements, MLCD comprehensively guides doctors on precautions and guidelines that they must follow to protect themselves from MedLegal problems.

It is designed keeping in view two important facts. First, doctors are hard pressed for time. Second, law is the last thing that a doctor would want to read. Hence, every published judgment is summarized in the ‘Abstract and Advice’. The ‘Abstract and Advice’ is written in simple, non-legal language. Facts of the case, patient’s allegations of medical negligence, doctor’s defense and important observations of the court are stated in this summary.

The decision to present the ‘Abstract and Advice’ in the beginning of the journal is a conscious one. The usual practice of presenting the abstract before each case is avoided since it was felt that the doctor can save time by choosing to read in detail only those cases that are relevant to his or her practice.

Legal terms that appear in abstracts are explained in easy to understand language. Cases on procedural aspects of law are totally avoided as they are relevant only to advocates and legal professionals. This journal provides maximum information and knowledge in a language and format that can be easily understood by doctors, taking the least amount of their time.

In short, the approach is to offer a journal that is of high practical utility to doctors, will keep them well informed about the ever-changing medical laws, and assuage their anxiety. Most importantly, the precautions suggested are aimed at reducing medical errors and enhancing patients safety.

Institute of Medicine & Law (IML)

Institute of Medicine & Law (IML) provides education, information, and services in medical laws. IML's information and analysis is real-time, accurate, actionable and is delivered to doctors, hospitals, and lawyers on multiple platforms using the latest in technology.

IML's Knowledge Bank on Medical Laws is comprehensive and continuously updated with the latest developments in medical laws. Today, in India, IML possesses the best resources in terms of professionals, information, and knowledge on medical laws and these are optimally utilised in providing MedLegal solutions.

IML organizes the 'National Convention on Medicine & Law' (www.medicineandlawconvention.com) every year, a platform to identify the legal issues relating to medicine, discuss them threadbare, and suggest remedial measures. Doctors, medical associations, hospitals, lawyers, judges, regulators, and policy makers are part of this initiative.

IML has been conducting an annual exercise of drafting and adopting a 'SOP on Patients Consent' (www.patientsconsent.com) together with major national medical associations like IMA, ASI, FOGSI, API, IOA, IRIA, AIOS, ISA, ISCCM, and CSI among others. This SOP is today accepted as a standard, comprehensive, and legally compliant document on patients consent in India.

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  • Publishes ‘real time judgments’ on medical negligence from higher courts
  • Every judgment is further summarized in simple, non-legal language
  • Comprehensively guides a doctor on avoiding MedLegal issues
  • Suggests practically useful ‘Do’s & Don’ts’ in day-to-day practice
  • Cases selected / analyzed solely from a doctor’s viewpoint
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