• A doctor ‘stocking’ drugs even in small quantities without the requisite licenses is criminally liable

    - Supreme Court | MLCD July 2024

  • Breaking of cannula tip while performing MTP is not negligence

    - Haryana State Consumer Commission | MLCD July 2024

  • A surgeon’s reluctance to readmit a patient in need of emergency care could be construed as negligence

    - Tamil Nadu State Consumer Commission | MLCD July 2024

  • Failure to repeat investigations within 2 days even if the patient was not responding is not always negligence

    - National Consumer Commission | MLCD July 2024

Just Published | July 2024

Why was the critical patient directed to another doctor by the surgeon who had performed surgery if patient could have reached the hospital "within 30 mins" questions court?

Bathimamary v/s Dr. Jim Divakar & Anr.
17MLCD (j278) | Tamil Nadu State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Circuit Bench at Madurai
Judgement in favour of: Patient

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