• Treating a patient ‘only’ on telephone after admitting is per se negligence

    - Gujarat State Consumer Commission

  • Failure to diagnose complications and/or to take indicated steps after diagnosing, both are instances of negligence

    - Uttar Pradesh State Consumer Commission

  • Noting wrong name of a patient in medical records is ‘gross mistake’ of doctor

    - West Bengal State Consumer Commission

  • Hospitals are liable for defective implants purchased and supplied to patients

    - Gujarat State Consumer Commission

Just Published | March 2022

Patient shows signs of appendicitis but on table appendix absent - What does the doctor do to convince the relatives of the imperfection of medical science?

Dr. Bhargav D. Patel v/s Baldevbhai Bababhai & Ors.
15mlcd (j83) | Gujarat State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Ahmedabad
Judgement in favour of: Patient
Medlegal Issues: Precautions - Unusual, Courts / Legal Proceedings - General Precautions, Diagnosis, Communication with patients / attendants, Surgery / Procedure / Intervention - General Precautions, Precautions - Unusual, Diagnosis, Courts / Legal Proceedings - General Precautions


Court holds doctor negligent for being absent after admission and treating 'only' on telephone

Minor Nijal Kiritbhai Tailor & Ors. v/s Dr. Mukund R. Patel & Anr.
15mlcd (j85) | Gujarat State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Ahmedabad
Judgement in favour of: Patient
Medlegal Issues: Tele-medicine, Hospitals - Admitting patients, Hospitals - RMOs / Consultants, Emergency Patients - General Precautions, Medical Records - General Precautions, Hospitals - General Precautions, Law on Medical Negligence, Courts / Legal Proceedings - General Precautions, Law on Medical Negligence


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In COVID times “putting the doctors to a criminal prosecution for negligence would lead to create a lot of emotional disturbance”, observes Chhattisgarh High Court

15MLCD (j3)

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